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Modern Gardens Partners Visit: Strengthening Its Foothold in the GCC

Modern Gardens continued to strengthen its roots in the GCC region with a joint partners visit among key clients in the United Arab Emirates. Modern Gardens management, led by Mr. Ali El Aina, Group Managing Partner, and Mr. Morad Salah, Commercial Manager, welcomed key partners from several established companies around the world.

Mr. Dani Regal represented ArteHispano from Spain, one of the leading producers in the manufacturing of precast stone products (planters, pots, street furniture, fountains). Established in 1976, Arte Hispano has been in the market for 41 years and is as key strategic partner for Modern Gardens with several key projects already in the region.

Ms. Sabrina Dalsant and Mr. Gianpaolo Arnoldi represented Holzhof SRL, a leading manufacturer of playgrounds and play equipment from Italy. In the meetings, it was stressed that Holzhof products are also suitable for children with special needs, which enables all children to play together regardless of classification.

Modern Gardens met with several key consultants and developers, focusing on quality of equipment, composition of materials, and suitability to the hotter climates of the UAE region. All these concerns were satisfactorily addressed by all partners with support from Modern Gardens, having had experience in the GCC before and studied the requirements for climates similar to the United Arab Emirates.

Among other partners presented are Ekip Spor from Turkey, a quality manufacturer of sporting equipment, gym, fitness and stadiums equipment; Dimex, a US-based partner specializing in aluminum and plastic edging systems; Maclean, also a US-based partner with a range of anchoring systems, and Fly SRL from Italy a partner for traffic signs.

For three days, Modern Gardens with its partners established a strong foothold in the region and is looking forward to more of the same in the coming year.

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