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Three-part Garden Adorned with Pebbles

A wide open yard need not be plain. It is with space that innovation and design comes to life. And in this stretch of nearly 35 meters, three different spaces are laid out to accommodate recreation in a family home. On the layout is a seating area, a play area, and decoration in the middle. And all spaces are adorned with pebbles.

Pebbles are smooth and relatively round stones used to ornament spaces, such as landscapes. In this design, the pebble were used to outline parts of the perimeter of the spaces. It breaks the softscape (which was the natural grass) and the hardscape (which was the tiled ground).

The sitting area features an outdoor lounge complete with a center table that is meant to invite anyone for relaxation. The walls mount perimeter planters that suggests nature against the industrial walls and furnishings. And an even break between the planters and seats are provided by the spread of pebbles.

In the middle features a combination of grass, wood, and pebbles - made to come to life with vegetation. The contrast between the elements makes an interesting collaboration of landscape materials. This space is meant to welcome visitors into a calm ambiance.

The third space is for the children, a 15-meter wide play area. A sandbox has been added on the open grass area for a variety of play. And alike the other two spaces, pebbles in the corner held the overall design together.

The simplicity of the neutral shades of the pebbles gave the areas an elegant touch, and ultimately unified the design.

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